About Us

My goal has always been to be more productive and successful. Finding simple ways to improve myself, life, and business. 

- Roland, founder of Last Plannr

Simple start

Started as a regular planner, on just a piece of paper. After thousands of customers requested an app, Last Plannr began to take shape. 

Built from experience

I've always found that the key to success is actually very simple. Build a plan and work it every day. Consistency is the key. Don't try to do 100 things in 1 day and get burnt out, focus on a few items each day and be consistent. 

More than a task manager

Most task managers just focus on "to do tasks" and these are just random tasks. The importance is to make sure your tasks work towards your goals. 

Never stop improving

  • Simple, yet effective

    • Build a plan
    • Break it down
    • Be consistent
  • Results that matter

    • Save money & time
    • Reduce stress
    • Be happier

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