More than a to do list, an effective Goal Manager

 To-do lists are for grocery shopping, Last Plannr is a goal manager specifically for accomplishing goals. 

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3 Simple Steps

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    Create Project
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    Set Goals
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    Break Down Into Tasks

Better Goal Planning

It's important to keep it simple.

  • team members can use goal manger to set personal goals
  • goal tracking and to do list for effective planning
  • goal setting software

Your Goal Manager

Goal setting software should have you covered. Making sure you have the things you need to be successful and leave the clutter behind.
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A Proper Goal Manager

Focus on your goals and how to accomplish them. If you want to improve your life, you have to set goals, build a plan, and work it.

More Than a To Do List

Most to do list apps just focus on individual tasks, not goals. We build your task list around your goals so you know you're working towards the bigger goals.

Making Goal Tracking Easy

You can see exactly what goals you're working on and what tasks you need to complete to finish the goals. You'll be more efficient and accomplish your goals faster.

Get the demo to see it in action!

We have a short video demo that shows you how the app works. We'll send it right to your inbox so you can watch it whenever you want.

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